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Filemaker Insert URL vs. MBS Plugin's CURL functions

One of my users asked what the difference between the plugin CURL functions and the new insert from URL Script step is. Well, basically the insert URL script step can do a specific thing which is getting data from an URL and putting it into a media field. If you just need this, you are fine, but if you need a little different feature, you should check our plugin. Like if you need some proxy settings or pass a cookie or some advanced credentials. Also if you use SSL, you should try the plugin as it can verify the peer using a certificate. Encrypting the data without making sure there is no attacker listening doesn't make much sense. Finally you may want to show progress while download and allow the user to cancel?
Our feature comparison:
Feature Insert URL Script Step MBS Filemaker Plugin
FTP and FTPS Protocols Download Download & Upload
HTTP and HTTP Protocols Download Download & Upload
File Protocol Download Download & Upload
Verify Certificate and Host for SSL connections no yes
Proxy Settings no yes
SFTP Protocol (File Transfer over SSH) no yes
FTP Directory Listings yes yes
Delete File no yes
Background transfers no yes
Cookie support no yes
Authentication (username/password for FTP/HTTP) only within URL yes
Reuse same connection no yes
Read/Write Data to file/variable no yes
Fill and send forms no yes
Use custom timeouts no yes
Follow redirects no yes
Speed limit / statistics no yes
Show progress and cancel download no yes

In our tests a ftp download using login/password worked with the insert URL script. Even ftp directory listings seem to work. Of course for advanced operations like renaming your file after upload or deleting a file, you need the plugin. Also if you want to follow redirects or you need to send special headers including cookie string.

Please don't hesitate to comment or inform us about things we forgot.
22 04 12 - 14:34