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We used Claris FileMaker Pro 3

While cleaning up the attic I found this package.

Which nicely proofs that we used to use FileMaker a long time ago. So somewhere 1996/1997 we bought Claris FileMaker Pro 3 and used it with a little database to track some inventory.
I do remember seeing the typical record navigation controls in several apps over the years and those may have been FileMaker runtimes.

When we started making FileMaker plugins in 2006, we got FileMaker Pro Advanced in version 8.5.

So how long ago are your roots to using FileMaker?

At FileMaker conferences I met people who started with FileMaker Pro 1.0 or even before with Nutshell.

And even if you needed to convert your database a few times, there could be solutions which run the last 30 years with FileMaker. That's a long time in computer history!
22 06 17 - 10:03
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The first time I used FileMaker II in 1989 when I was working in a museum, inventoried some extra collections. I bought FileMaker Pro 3 for myself and used it in quite many projects. Last version I used was 8. Nowadays I usually make my own SQL application.
Heikki Ohvo - 22 06 17 - 10:58

Started using “FileMaker” II somewhere around 1984-5-6. I seem to remember the big “breakthrough” when III came out with “relationality”. Lots of memories of that.
William OKeefe - 23 06 17 - 00:00

I started with “FileMaker II” at 1987-1988. I needed an address management for my bills I wrote on a typewriter. ;-))
Robert Hermann (URL) - 24 06 17 - 11:01

I started to develop on the Macintosh back in 1985 while building ground support equipment for the Swedish space agency, where we launched rockets and balloons from Esrange in the north of Sweden. Imagine a sea of PC’s of the time running DOS, and then ONE Mac Plus being the brain of it all with it’s graphical interface and event handling. I started using FileMaker Plus in 1986 for calendar and celestial object data, and then started my one man company as a full-time FileMaker developer in 1988. And I am still developing in HuConn – Human Connection to this day, using many of the new features in each new versions :)
Mikael Bohlin - 17 07 17 - 07:48

have an old filemaker pro 2.1 that crashed. I do not have the diskettes any more. Any ideas where I can download it. The ones I bought wants to reformat itself and so is useless. I will appreciate your help or e mail me the file.

Thanks in advance.

Charles Ajuziem - 19 02 19 - 23:16

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